People Have Spoken Ten Countries With The Best Food

There are so many cuisines to choose from and millions of opinions on which one is the best. It makes sense to ask the people and allow consensus to decide. There are many flavors, tastes, and traditions available. Some will say it’s Chinese, while others will proclaim that it’s Thai or Mexican food.

There is often a lot of variation in the regional cuisines within a country, which makes generalizations difficult. It’s an old question, however – “What country has the best cuisine?” This is a question we love to ask as it keeps people excited. The question was put to Ranker’s users to rank the best national cuisine. Although the top ten results were not surprising, the list still has 150 entries. It’s worth taking the time to look at the list if you want some entertainment and to see other rates.

Ten countries that have the best food anywhere in the world

1. Italy

It is hard to argue with Italy’s number one ranking. Italian cuisine is growing in popularity year after year. It is undoubtedly delicious. One reason Italian food appeals to so many people is because of its mild flavors and good quality seasonal ingredients. It’s all about beauty, balance, simplicity, and emotion. Try it: Enjoy a plate of pasta with pesto or lamb ragu and braised artichokes. Or, bite into an arancini with tomato, mozzarella, and some basil.

2. France

French cuisine has been a part of fine dining since ancient times. While other cuisines may be in decline, French cuisine is still considered fine dining. Even though they may have lost the top spot, French food is still considered fine dining. This gastronomic universe is waiting to be explored. Enjoy the richness and sweetness of duck confit with shallots or the cool smoothness of sweet cocoillons. Or, turn up the heat with remoulade sauce.

3. India

It would take a lifetime to learn about Indian cuisine. Indian cuisine is a unique blend of ancient traditions and the vast subcontinent. It’s full of unexpected flavors and surprises. You can take a sensory journey to India by cooking dal Indian lentils and Indian pork curry with raisins, tamarind and tamarind.

4. Spain

Spain’s rich culinary history is something that is often admired, particularly their unique dining culture and how they eat. Spain is a popular tourist destination. It was the first country to create a model for food tourism. This blueprint has been copied by many countries around the globe. You must try the paella from the Valencian coast, the razor-thin jamun, the sweet and nutty Turron of Pyrenees mountain, and many other delicious dishes.

5. Greece

Although Greek food is not always in fashion, it is delicious. This is a worthy ranking for the national cuisine, with Greece in a positive economic situation and a rising foodie destination. In recipes such as Greek baklava with honey, pistachios, olives, feta, and lamb, wholesome and nourishing ingredients like feta, Greek yoghurt and olives combine in a variety of surprising ways.

6. Mexico

The wave of Mexican chefs spreading Mexican food culture all over the world is proving to be a boon for Mexican cuisine. Particularly in America, where Mexican food is a part of every day life, Mexico’s cuisine is as diverse as its colors, with everything from the rich flavors of chocolate and chilly in mole sauce to light cinnamon notes in chilled horchata.

7. Japan

Although Japanese cuisine was dominant in fine dining last year, it has enjoyed a loyal following for many decades. It is expected to rise in popularity over the next few years.

8. China

The oldest and most diverse culinary tradition in the world is also the oldest. Chinese food was popularized in the West long before it became mainstream.

9. Lebanon

Falafel, falafels, halva and hummus are just a few of the many things you can appreciate about Lebanese food. Lebanese immigrants travel far and wide to bring with them their rich culinary traditions, which means that many other cultures are able to enjoy their cuisine.

10. Thailand

Thai food is not for everyone. It has many different flavors and spices. But those who like it will love it. The country’s cuisine is diverse enough to offer a wide variety of dishes. There are also many highly-trained chefs around the world who can prepare the country’s exports, from top-end restaurants to local take-outs.

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