Pellegrino And Food For Soul Team Up To Create A Sustainable Future

Pellegrino has announced a new partnership with Food for Soul, a non-profit organization founded by Massimo Bottura, and Lara Gilmore. This partnership aims to reduce food waste and promote a sustainable culture for everyone. The new partnership, which launched today, will be centered on the power and value of food to transform people’s lives, creating value equity, cultural change, and plenty of learning opportunities for both professional and foodie communities. “Our collective efforts are directed at creating a more sustainable future. “The planet, responding to some the most pressing global problems of our time by improving food system, encouraging human connections and sharing knowledge,” stated Stefano Marini CEO of Pellegrino Group.

The two organizations will work together to educate and encourage communities to reduce food waste and promote healthy eating habits that foster social inclusion. Food For Soul stated in a statement that they welcome opportunities to learn and share. They also push to increase those that have a positive immediate impact on the planet and people’s health, while building the foundation for future generations. This exciting partnership with Pellegrino will allow Food for Soul to increase its social and environmental impact and educate young culinary professionals about sustainable cooking through community and culture.

This international project will feature a variety of hands-on activities that will see Massimo Battuta inspire home chefs, foodies, and young chefs with ideas and discussions, ready for them to put into practice. Bottarga and his team will provide first-hand advice to young professional chefs. They also offer the opportunity to be part of Food for Soul’ schef network, which offers the chance for volunteers or interns to work in Refectories projects. Mentors are also available. The project will also show how everyone can contribute to a more sustainable future. Bottarga stated that a more sustainable future cannot be built by just one person, but only through collective action. Fine Dining Lovers will keep your informed with the latest news, tips and recipes.

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