This is how PIMM’S was invented

PIMM’s punch cheesecake is one of the most popular alcoholic beverages on (And we aren’t afraid to say it.) We love PIMMs. From the PIMMs punch cheesecake to the PIMMs strawberry spritz.

We’re big fans of the show, so you’d think we would know all about it. But we have to admit that we don’t. *Awkward*

Recently, we stumbled upon some information on how this legendary beverage was invented. We were shocked.

History of PIMM’S

Take a look back in time to 1840s London, where a farmer named James Pimm was living. According to Town and Country, Pimm was an “owner of an oyster bar” where he offered his guests “a secret mixture as a digestive tonic.” PIMM’S used to be sold as a health drink. It’s obvious that it has changed since then, and the alcohol content is quite high. This means it’s no longer a health drink.

Does PIMM contain gin in its real form?

The people who make PIMMs now describe it as a “gin-based” beverage. It’s actually made up of several different ingredients. Quinine is an ingredient that’s famously found in tonic waters, but… wait for it… also used to fight malaria! Does this mean you won’t get bothered by mosquitoes when PIMMs are around?

What is a Fruit Cup?

You’ll also see “No.1 Cup” on the PIMM label. This is a result of James Pimm’s habit of calling the tankard in which he served the original tonic “the No. 1 Cup”! PIMM can also be referred to in the UK as a “fruit-cup”, which is a drink that consists of a mix of fruit juices with fruit pieces.

What is the best way to serve PIMM?

In England, PIMM’S comes with lemonade or ginger ale and lots of fruit, such as citrus fruits, strawberries, and cucumbers (yes, cucumbers). As you can see by our many PIMM recipes, it is very versatile.

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