Five amazing ingredients you never thought to put in scones

You probably already have flour, butter, and Milk at home. These three ingredients are all you need to make the basic but oh-so-tasty Scones. Scones are one of the simplest arvo tea treats, but they can be made in a variety of ways.

Lemonade scones are a great upgrade. Lemonade transforms dense, dry scones into fluffy and light morsels (plus it adds sweetness).

Lemonade isn’t the only superhero. Our expert chefs use five more ingredients to make scones even better.

Natural Yoghurt

We think yogurt can be used to make any baked good more moist and delicious. Yogurt prevents scones from drying out, especially if they are over-kneaded. The yogurt in these healthier blueberry-based scones not only adds moisture but is also a healthier alternative to cream, which is commonly used in scone recipes.

Custard powder

It’s possible that you already have custard powder in the pantry, waiting to be used. (We do). These custard-powder scones will make you dust off that box and bring it out. The powder gives the scones a custardy vanilla taste that is hard to beat. The scones are perfect for jam and cream but even better with custard cream.

Soda water

The bubbles in the soda water aerate your dough just like lemonade. The soda water doesn’t have any added flavor or sweetness, like lemonade. You can control the sweetness by adjusting how much you add. This is perfect for those who prefer a butter-and-Vegemite breakfast scone to the sweet toppings.

Condensed Milk

Condensed Milk is one of the most popular pantry staples. Condensed Milk is the star of so many of our favorite recipes. If we could, it would be consumed like water. (Don’t worry; we don’t). Condensed Milk is a great ingredient for scones. What’s the verdict? 10/10 DELISH. These scones with condensed Milk are sweet, fluffy, and soft; they’re a great rival to Nan’s traditional scones. These scones are best served warm with warm caramel sauce and whipped cream. They make a delicious afternoon treat.

You can also read more about the advantages of Solo.

We figured that other soft drinks would also make some awesome scones, and we were correct! One of our favorite scones uses everyone’s favorite soft drink with a lemony flavor. The Solo is a great alternative to lemonade for scones. It keeps them fluffy and adds a subtle lemony taste that goes well with lemon curd and cream. These scones are also easy to make in just 30 minutes, thanks to the pie maker.

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