Some Of The Best Summer Foods To Taste In America

There are certain food and place combos which will attract you to them where ever you are. Certain places are popular for certain food items and here are some of the food-place combos for this summer.
Lobster Rolls
You can taste the best lobster rolls in America at the Luke’s lobster in New York City.  Though there are many variations of lobster rolls available, do not forget to try the chunks of lobster with a light mayonnaise coating. You can also try the lobster roll at Son of a Gun in Los Angeles.
Grilled Peache
Summer time is the time for fresh fruits and vegetables. Southern California and Georgia are well known for the peaches, but you can get summer special grilled peaches at the Swift’s Attic in Austin. The creme fraiche and local honey topping will give a magical effect.
Burgers are at the best at the burger House in Highland Park.  They are delicious no frill burgers without brioche buns or French cheeses. You can have the authentic taste of hamburgers when you are at the Burger house. Another local favorite item here is the crispy fries with sprinkled salt.
Any summer food list is not complete without the ice creams.  The best places to enjoy your ice creams this summer are the Fresco Gelateria in the east village, the sweet Rose Creamery in L.A and the Ample Hill Creamery in Brooklyn and Picco in Boston. You can find eclectic flavors of ice creams and wide variety of toppings.
You cannot miss out having the hot dogs in this season. Flo’s in Cape Reddick, Maine offers the most relishing Hotdogs for you to enjoy. The hot dogs and buns are steamed and served along with a homemade molasses and onion chutney. You can feel the hot dogs melt in your mouth. They offer the prefect Moxie to wash down the hotdogs.
The largest exporter of cherries in the United States is Washington.  If you are visiting Washington this summer do not forget to get a bowl of fresh cherries. You can try both bing and rainier varieties. You can get overwhelming varieties of cherries at Pike Place market in Seattle.
Watermelons are the favorite summer treat for many. Though people have found many innovative ways to use the watermelon, the healthiest way is to use it from the rind. You can find Popsicle called watermelon patch at the Neapolitan.  You can get watermelon cubes along with salt pork belly and scallion dressing at the Cork buzz Wine studio in New York.  This Asian –flavored fruit treat is popular among the people here as well as the travelers. Other summer foods in America include corn on the cob especially from Iowa and strawberries from Connecticut. These strawberries are used in different summer salads from different parts of the country. Your summer tour is not complete without tasting these summer foods which will give you a nostalgic feeling of your childhood. So, grab the chance to enjoy these summer foods this summer.
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