Pax 3 Vaporizer Review: Still the Best Weed Vape You Can Buy

Since its inception, the Pax 3 has been our favorite weed vape. It was released in 2016 not long after the Pax 2. It’s still highly regarded six years later, despite being released in 2016.

Although I have never smoked consistently from a vape, the Pax 3 made vaping my preferred method of smoking since I first tested it. The Pax 3 heats quickly and can be used for short sessions. It also produces smooth, non-invasive vapor. Although there are some drawbacks, this vape is still a great choice for anyone looking to buy weed.

What We Like
Double use
Vape cartridges are not something I recommend. Do you know what they contain? The Pax 3 allows you to use both cartridges or loose leaf. You can get the entire kit version if you need that versatility. You can save $40 if you only want to vape loose leaf.

The oven is a magnet trap for loose leaf. It can be replaced for a stable concentrate oven. The concentrate was not tested by me (as I mentioned, what’s in those?). It’s easy to remove the leaf oven trap from the oven and replace it with the concentrate oven.

Heat quickly
In just 20 seconds, it can heat up to four pre-set temperature settings (ofwhich there are four). This means there is no waiting. The X indicator on the front changes color from white to blue to red and gives off a slight vibration when it’s ready. The oven is made of stainless steel, not ceramic. This is why the conduction process is responsible for the rapid heating.

A session typically lasts about 10 sessions. However, for me, it is four to five hits. This is less than most people consider a session.

It is easy to use and very clean
The Pax 3 for sale in uk is very foolproof. You don’t need to press any buttons. There is one button on the mouthpiece. To turn it on, press and release the button. Then hold it for 1.5 seconds to cycle through different temperature settings. To exit the temperature settings, you can long-press it.

The angular curves make it easy to hold and fit well in the hand. It is also light at 3.3 ounces. It can stand on its own. Rubber mouthpieces are a great addition, so you don’t feel any hard plastic during each hit.

What we don’t like
It is expensive
After a price drop, the Pax 3 was originally $250. It is now $200. This is a lot. Dual use means you get two vapes in one. You’re almost guaranteed to have your vape for at least ten years with the industry-leading 10-year warranty. Pax has stated that new technology will be coming this fall, which is why the $50 price drop on the Ax 3 and $30 on the Pax 2 are both valid. Is that a Pax 4 or a Pax 3? This could be true, but it is something you should keep in mind when you pull the trigger.

Discreet vapor
This is a great thing to do when drinking in public. However, traditional bowl or joint smokers like me have a hard time knowing if it’s working properly. This is the right product for you if you are used to vaping and want something discreet for concerts, ski runs, and other events. This is a brief note for those who are new to vaping.

The GPen Dash ($90), is small and portable, so it’s almost a no-brainer. Although you don’t have temperature control, the GPen Dash is less than $100 so it’s not hard to complain. Even my dad loves it.

The Pax 3’s strong case is made up of an aluminum body and a stainless steel vapor path/oven. It is extremely portable and allows for great temperature control. The only problem with the Pax 3’s ability to heat quickly and produce discreet vapor is its price. It’s a great investment for vaping, especially considering its industry-leading warranty.


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