Five Foods That You Should Eat Weekly

Everybody has their favorite food but we shouldn’t let culinary reference rule our lives or dictate what we eat. Diversity is the basis of a healthy diet and a good balance between food groups as well as adequate portion control methods can work wonders for your health and wellbeing. But there are some foods that should never be missing from your diet as they offer essential elements or are just incredibly nutritious. Here’s a list of the top five items that shouldn’t be missing from your diet.

1.  Beef

Believe it or not, the quintessential red meat is very good for you. In fact there are few foods out there that offer you so many essential nutrients all at once. Beef is full of Zinc, Iron protein and it’s one of the major sources of vitamin B12. Grass fed beef like the one that you can purchase at is even better for you as it has higher b12 levels than regular beef. And in spite of the stories about the fat content of beef recent studies have shown that the cholesterol in beef is actually mostly HDL or ‘good’ cholesterol, which doesn’t form deposits in arteries and protects your cardiovascular system from LDL, the ‘bad’ cholesterol.

2. Spinach

Popeye loved it but you should trust in more than the sailor-man when eating this delicious leafy green. It contains massive levels of calcium, vitamins and folic acid. The Iron content of Spinach, however has been grossly overstated. What can never be overstated though is just how delicious baby spinach can be in a salad.

3. Salmon

Wild Salmon is something you should eat everyday although considering its price, you’re better off eating it on a weekly or twice-weekly basis. Salmon is rich in selenium, vitamin D and protein and it is a wellspring of omega 3 fatty acids which boost your immune system and decrease cancer risks.

4. Kale

Odds are you’re familiar with how good broccoli is for you. Well, kale is just as high in most nutrients as broccoli and has three times more lutein that spinach to boot! Kale is touted as a hot new detox vegetable and you can find it in anything from salads to smoothies. Its natural taste makes it most suited for a salad and sure enough it shares many a salad bowl with fellow super-vegetable (or rather fruit), the avocado.

5. Quinoa

A staple of Andean cooking for centuries Quinoa  is taking the west by storm, so much that it is starting to bump up prices in its home region. Crunchy, nutty and overall delicious this South American rice replacement is not only tasty but very nutritious as well. It is full of essential amino acids and rich in magnesium and other minerals. It truly is a super grain and the funny part is that it isn’t even a grain, but a seed!

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