‘Once in 10 years’: Great news for Australian Christmas spreads

The price of seafood has plummeted in Australia’s largest supermarkets, just in time for the traditional Aussie Christmas.

Coles and Woolworths have announced that they are overstocked with fresh prawns. They said this would result in lower prices for customers at the check-out.

“An Aussie Christmas would not be complete without seafood.” Tim Dudding said that Woolworths commercial director for seafood Tim Dudding’s team had been working with their dedicated suppliers to provide Woolworths customers with quality seafood for a great price as part of the festive spread.

Both supermarkets say that prices are generally the same or lower than last Christmas. However, there are some items where you can make significant savings.

Raw banana prawns are now only $14 per kilo, a significant drop from the $22 price tag last year.

Coles attributes the low price to a “once in 10 years” catch.

Aldi, Australia’s favorite supermarket, does not stock fresh prawns. However, it offers frozen tiger shrimp at $26.99 per kilo.

Western rock lobsters can be found at Coles for just $22 and Woolworths for $23, which is not too far from the historically low prices in 2020 due to an oversupply.

Aldi sells a frozen two-pack weighing 380g for $34.99.

Coles has a special on fresh cooked black tiger shrimps that are now only $30 per kilo (excluding WA) until December 27. Woolworths offers jumbo prawns for $10, down $13 from the previous price, and Woolworths premium smoked salmon is $25 for 500g.

Banana Prawns cost $14 per kilo. Picture: Woolworths.

Aldi Coles and Woolworths began cutting prices in October to attract cost-conscious consumers. They also revealed three-course menus that could feed an eight-person family for less than $100.

About 150 products were reduced in price at Woolies. These included roast pork loin, which was dropped from $14 to $12 per kilo. Pavlova bases also went down from 9.20 dollars to $6.15.

The shoppers who had to bear massive price increases on groceries this year due to inflation of 5.6% will be relieved.

Prices of bread and cereals are up by 8.9 percent, while dairy products are up by 8 percent.

The Australian budgets are further squeezed by the skyrocketing prices of petrol (19.7%), electricity (18%) and rent (7.6%).

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