New Formula Being Tested By Mcdonalds To Feed More

There is a new snack combination being tested out by McDonalds being named as the Blitz Box. It will consist of quarter pounders which will be two in number along with cheese. There will be two medium fries as well as ten pieces of chicken Nuggets that come with dips and sauces. It seems as if Ronald McDonald is setting his aim at selling food in box full formula. The company is known to be a fast food giant across the country and it is planning on launching a multi person boxed meal at the market area of Kansas City as the first promotion of this meal. It would certainly be a meal that is first of its kind in the States.

The Blitz Box Out On Trial Run.

The promotion of Blitz Box meal will be sold for $14.99 and it will be locally promoted by the Kansas City chefs. The promotion has begun in the first week of this month and it is scheduled to be run at the different outlets while the football season continues. That is as per a statement released by the spokeswoman of the company. The run will sense the reaction of the public to this multi person meal box. If it is a hit then it would be introduced to other outlets and states as per the editor of the blog called This blog reported this meal offering for the first time. There are several advantages that stand out of this tactic and hence, it seems evident that McDonalds will follow it out nationwide eventually. The officials of McDonald’s are however, staying mum on the future plans of the Blitz Box. Today fast food sales are reducing and the restaurant sales are down or they are becoming flat as per the trend seen over the last three months. As McDonald’s is the biggest player in the market it is trying out new initiatives in order to turn the situation around. Thus, they are likely to experiment with a couple of ideas and see the responses that they get from the public. This move is thus being seen as yet another move by the company in order to entice and to retain the customers to the fast food outlets.

Family Boxes In Other Markets.

The US market is not the only place where boxed meals have been introduced by the fast food giant. In fact, in other markets it has been selling such meal boxes for a long time. In the Family Dinner Box was started off in Australia that came with four burgers, four drinks and fries and an order of the chicken nuggets. A similar family meal called the McCoy was introduced at the Czech Republic. Malaysia also had family breakfast meals boxes being served at the fast food outlets of McDonald’s. Till now fast food that is sold in bulk included chicken items and pizza which can still be stomached cold but when it comes to burgers and fries, these need to be delivered hot. On the other hand, personalized offerings are also there which cost one or two dollars more than the usual meals.

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