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We have a passion for gourmet foods to eat, fine wines and liqueurs to quaff and mouthwatering recipes to try. We believe that gourmet meals should be enjoyed anywhere, any time – good food should be a moveable feast! We aim to share that passion with you and provide you with all the information and ideas you need to create a moveable feast with ease, find fabulous foods to try and new tipples to quaff. We believe that food and drink should be a pleasure and we will strive to help you create a moveable feast for any occasion – be it a romantic dinner for two or a family meal.

We want you to enjoy gourmet foods and a delicious tipple whenever you like. We will provide you with easy links for every product which will enable you to have your chosen items delivered directly to your door – regardless of where you live, from the US to the UK, exactly when you want them…a moveable feast! We know that most people have hectic lives and our aim is to ensure that you don’t waste precious time finding delicious gourmet items – we have done all of that for you! Life should be a pleasure, so relax and enjoy our pages, click on whichever food you want to try or tipple you want to quaff and your moveable feast will be brought to you!

Prime Wine Inc.

We aim to provide you with the knowledge and products to create a moveable feast of top restaurant quality meals at home any time you like. We want to you to relax over your gourmet moveable feast, with a fine wine to quaff and your favorite tipple to finish. For that romantic moveable feast you may choose a delicious meal containing food for increasing libido, such as a tempting oyster stew! This could be served with Bollinger champagne to quaff and exquisite champagne truffles to nibble whilst enjoying your favorited tipple as a nightcap. Alternatively, on a summers day you may choose to take your moveable feast outdoors and create the ultimate gourmet picnic or barbeque. Imagine enjoying your moveable feast in the sunshine with your favorite tipple to quaff! Explore our site and you will find a wealth of ideas for any occasion. We are sure you will soon share our passion create your own moveable feast!

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