Vegemite 100th birthday merch: Gold mini jar sells for $6300

A rare Vegemite jar released for the iconic spread’s 100th birthday has just been auctioned off for a staggering $6300.

In June, Vegemite released 1000 fine silver replicas of Vegemite jars to commemorate the spread’s 100th anniversary.

The limited-edition tiny silver jars, which came in one-ounce ($160) and three-ounce ($320) sizes, sold out in just four hours.

More rare, though, were the gold-plated silver mini jars, of which only ten were available — five in the one-ounce size and five in the three-ounce. Buyers of the silver jars went into a draw for their chance to win a highly coveted gold version.

Now, one of those ten gold Vegemite jars has sold on eBay for a staggering $6350 after 44 bids — not a bad return for a freebie.

“Gold Vegemite Mini Jar … Low Mintage,” the auction listing read.

“RARE LIMITED! … One of only 5 ever to be made.”

The limited-edition silver jars, too, have scored a pretty penny on the resale market. One eBay listing for a set of both the one-ounce and three-ounce versions has grabbed a bid of $999 — more than twice the jars’ original value.

This silver set of two has a bid of $999. Picture: eBay. can reveal that Vegemite this week will bring back another iconic collectible — its limited-edition drinking glasses that were last released in 2003 to celebrate Vegemite’s 80th birthday.

The glasses were originally filled with Vegemite, and 20 years later, they are back due to popular demand.

When Vegemite recently polled its fans on social media, asking them to choose their favorite Vegemite memorabilia from a selection of items, the company said a remarkable 63 percent chose the drinking glasses.

The iconic glasses will come in two unique designs plastered with symbols of Vegemite’s 100-year history, including the gold tin lid that topped OG Vegemite jars, the sheet music to Happy Little Vegemite, and the company’s collectible corduroy cap, and ugly Christmas jumper.

The collectible packs each include a 150g jar of Vegemite and one drinking glass, wrapped up in gift-worthy packaging. The packs will be available in the baking section at Coles stores starting Wednesday.

“We are delighted to bring back a new edition of the Vegemite collectable drinking glass as a celebration of our brand’s remarkable journey over the past century,” Jess Hoare, spreads marketing manager at Bega, which owns Vegemite, told

“These glasses proudly capture the essence of Vegemite’s rich history. We hope Aussies are excited to add them to their kitchen cupboard or Vegemite collection.”

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