These Are The Top 10 Most Loved Dishes Around The Globe

Many of us spend our time at the office arguing about where we would like to live. We also discuss the best places to eat, from the traditional to the more exotic. We decided to combine these two ideas and present our top ten global food choices.

Jerk Chicken

It is not known that the famous Caribbean dish, Jamaican Jerk, is made with Scotch Bonnet pepper, which is one of the most spicy chilies in the entire world. Pimento, an indigenous plant to Jamaica, is the other secret ingredient in Jamaican Jerk. The plant’s berries give this chicken its distinctive taste. The traditional version of this dish is actually smoked over pimento wood.


There is no better way to end a vacation than by sampling delicious meats and Mediterranean seafood. Paella is a time-consuming and difficult dish to make, but if you put in the effort, it will be well worth it.

Frito Mist

It’s easy to find the best homemade pasta and pizza in Italy while living in New York. But if you want to explore more, then order the less-known but equally delicious Frito Misdo. This Venetian classic dish features the freshest seafood from the local waters so grab the best and start thinking outside the box!


A Caipirinha is a great choice. It’s often served with shredded or collard greens and streamed rice. The name Feijao, which means “beans”, was also used. This classic dish is a rich feast consisting of meats and beans that are slow cooked in a delicious broth. This dish is shared mainly between friends at social events.

Flu Mesdames

Flu Mesdames, also known as “the rich man’s breakfast”, is Egypt’s national dish. It is a simple bean stew that is enjoyed by all walks of Egyptian life. It is believed to have originated in Egypt during the time of the Pharaohs.

Yangzhou Fried rice

Yangzhou Fried Rice, one of Shanghai’s most loved dishes, is easy to make. All you have to do is grab some chopsticks. This versatile dish can be prepared in just minutes and is one of the easiest to prepare. It can be served with many meats, fishes, and vegetables.

Red Snapper Veracruz Ana

While Mexico and the US are well-known for their delicious burritos, tacos and enchiladas and Mexico is most famous for its red snapper veracruzana, it is not widely known that this is actually their most loved dish. The name Veracruz is also a result of its origin in Veracruz, a long and narrow state that runs along the Gulf Coast.

Tuna Maki

Sushi is Japan’s most loved cuisine. Although it may not look like home cooking, the Japanese love to make their own sushi at home. It’s not difficult to make the seaweed. The instructions for how to wrap and create it are included. You can impress your friends by making exotic rolls that taste just like the Japanese restaurants in the UK.


Borscht is a popular dish in Russia and other Eastern European countries. It can be eaten hot or cold, and includes vegetables like potatoes, carrots, or peppers. It is often served as an appetizer with dark-rye bread by the Russians.

Yorkshire Pudding and Roast Beef

Despite the UK’s growing cosmopolitan cuisine, the ‘good old roast” is still a beloved Sunday tradition and national treasure. Yorkshire puddings were originally used as fillers for main courses by those who couldn’t afford beef. However, today they are often eaten alongside gravy-soaked potatoes, vegetables and horseradish sauce. Consider moving abroad to enjoy the delicious international cuisine. PSS International Removals offers services such as motor vehicle transportationluggage shipments and ship to any international destination. The most popular destinations are Australia, Canada, India and New Zealand.

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