Australia’s most controversial cob loaves ranked

Let’s dive deep into the second. When it comes to party food, everyone loves it more.

Talk about crazy cobs.

We all love creamed spinach. It’s an old classic. It’s a classic. The world of bread dip has gotten wild (yes, it’s the real world), and now we’re riding the crazy pot-dipping roller coaster.

1. Meat pie in a cob

Even the humble meat pie is delicious. Wrap it in a spectacular crusty bread, add the rich mince, the sweet tomato sauce, and the delightful tang, and you have a perfect cob. It’s a pearler, not just in the cob category. It’s freaky, fabulous and infallible.

2. Easy berry cheesecake cob

Desserts are not a part of the cob world, but we think this cheesecake is a great alternative. It uses cream cheese, butternut cookies, frozen berries,s and other creamy goodness. Vanilla essence is also added because, let’s face it, we can never go wrong with a little aromatics. What’s the best part? Choose between bread pieces or sweet strawberries to dip. The options are endless!

3. Butter chicken on a Cob

Naan goes well with curry. How about curry on a corn cob? Face to palm. It’s obvious. We should have thought of this years ago. You can make a delicious curry in the smallest of spaces by using chicken thighs, tandoori, Greek-style yogurt, cooking cream, and more. Plus! Plus! Curry and corn are a match made.

4. Hot-chocolate mousse cob

This hot chocolatey mousse will blow your mind. This recipe contains three sauces. Hot fudge, marshmallow cream, and chocolate mousse. After you have prepared them, pour them together so that they are slightly marbling, and then top them with mini marshmallows. Hot chocolate cob Dip

5. Lasagne soup with a garlic cheesy cob

This lasagne soup is still ranting about the drink/sauce/liquid all in one cob. It defies logic but pleases mouths. This recipe is the most controversial in the series. This recipe is a combination of kale, lasagne, and cheesy-baked strips. This recipe consists of crispy, cheesy insides for the corn cobs, as well as croutons. It also involves some kind of magic where the soup does not break through the walls. This is like a big hug in a bowl of cob.

What do other people say about Cobb Loaves’ recipes?

We asked the social media community about their opinions on controversial cobs and, specifically, what should never be placed within a cob. The responses were quite interesting.

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