Adelaide lolly shop Smyth’s Confectionery to close its factory as government takes over site for major construction project

A popular lolly store is at risk of closing down due to the government “forcing” it to leave because of a major road project.

Smyth’s Confectionery, a candy manufacturer in Adelaide’s inner suburbs, has been operating for over 100 years.

In October, however, the State Government announced that it would be adding another lane to the busy Smith Road. This will impact businesses along this strip, including Smyth’s Confectionary.

Peter Smyth is the owner of the company and is the great-grandson of the founder. He is in negotiation with the South Australian Government and has consulted lawyers to reach a solution.

He is not hopeful, and it looks like the company will be forced to close its doors permanently by June of next year. Redundancies have already begun.

“We are not selling. “We’re being extinguished,” he said to

The owner stated that he was still in negotiation with the government.

Mr Smyth stated that he asked the government for funding to relocate the factory, but it did not appear as if they would come to the table.

He said, “We are working on all of that right now.”

They didn’t want to relocate us because they couldn’t afford it. The law does not oblige them to do so.

The lolly boss stated that he would not move his factory without government assistance.

It was forced on us. “But it was our final decision to not relocate,” Mr Smyth said.

SSmyth’sConfectionary will continue to operate at full capacity until June of next year.

The staff is” ll aware of”the impending shutdown.

South Road was one of the roads that the South Australian Government announced would be changed as part of the North-South Corridor in Adelaide.

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