10 Food Items That Are Cheaper To Order

Most of the people think that dialing for delivery of food is expensive than making it at home. Ordering food from outside saves your cooking time and the effort. It can save money too, if you know what food to order at cheaper rate. Here are 10 dishes that you can order at cheaper rate and the reason why you are getting it at cheaper rate.

Tuna Roll

Many of us love the spicy rolls made using tuna fish. Making the rolls is expensive if you try it at home. This is because the “sushi-gradeā€ fish is used for making the tuna roll which will be costly in the retail market. The restaurants purchase these fish in bulk and they will get the fish at a cheaper rate. So, the tuna rolls will be cheaper to order. This is a Japanese dish and is easily available from Japanese restaurants.

Lamb Souvlaki

This dish needs lamb, feta cheese and tzatziki sauce as the ingredient. All these ingredients are costly and making it at home is not a good option. The restaurants buy the whole lamb to prepare different dishes so it will be available for them at cheaper rate per pound.

Rotisserie Chicken

The whole uncooked chickens for making Rotisserie chicken are expensive as the uncooked chicken has more shelf life than cooked chicken. If the restaurants have this dish they cannot keep it for selling on the next day. So they will sell it off at a discounted rate if you order it at the time of closing of the restaurant.

Grilled Chicken Salad

When you are making the grilled chicken salad at home, the price of buying the ingredients and the wastes from unused product may cause waste of money. It will not be possible for a small family to finish the salad within few days. So, home-made salad will be costlier than the one ordered from restaurants.


The special taste of Italian pizzas is due to the sauces used by them. The Italian pizzerias use the tomatoes called San Marzano to make the sauce. These tomatoes are costly at the local stores. The high-quality dough for making pizzas is also costly. The mozzarella cheese also is a costly topping. Considering all these it I will be better to order your Pizza than trying to make it at home, wasting your time money and effort and not getting a perfect pizza. You will find this as the best order to make to save money.

Burgers And Fries

The combo meal options by different restaurants and fast- food chains are the cheaper option for food to order. Many chain of restaurants and fast-food chains get their supply of livestock from their own farms. They need not pay the middle man and hence they do not have to charge extra money from customers to make the profit. So, there are many such varieties of food that are cheaper to order than to make at home.

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